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Helix combina analisis financiero, valuación y aumento de rentabilidad a través de procesos de innovación que valorizan tu empresa

Positioning Statements

Aimed at both established business owners and emerging entrepreneurs at post-incubator stage, HELIX provides professional, strategic and financial advice as well as optimising growth opportunities and processes. With expert guidance, users can expect to strengthen their market position and lay stable foundations for future growth.

Unique to HELIX are the two strands supporting the business core. HELIX not only provides valuation and strategy service but also business process solutions.


the current position of a business


the discussion about the overall value of the business


whether changes in strategy or process enhance value


the cohesion of business vision and owner’s personal aspirations


the strategy against the broader business environment

Helix gets under your skin through...

A combination of services: Valuation, Strategy and Process Solutions

Analysis of Personalities, Culture, Environment and Geography

Assessment of Decision Making

Review of Peer Group

Identification of Bottlenecks and Constraints

Examination of Cashflows and Future Resilience

Helix will help...




...who want:

objetivos y metas con Helix de DTG Spain
objetivos y metas con Helix de DTG Spain
Proceso de valorización de Helix de DTG Spain
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