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Design Thinking is the glue between all disciplines.

DesignThinkers Group is one of the leading ‘design driven’ Innovation Agencies facilitating organizations around the world making the transition from being strictly product orientated and sales driven, towards being service orientated and human centered. We are a Global Agency, represented in 18 countries and train, develop and facilitate creative multidisciplinary teams and communities to drive positive change.


Design Thinking is a mindset to develop and deliver innovative ideas, change and solutions to complicated problems. It is an activity-based process with a strong emphasis on teamwork and co-creation. Our mission is to provide space and time for teams and individuals to be inspired and challenged, to ‘learn-by-doing’ and strengthen their ability for creative problem solving and help organizations build the necessary environment and mind-set.

"Learning by doing" foucused in fiding creative solution to solve problems.
Design Thinkers España

We make design your business to strengthen the capability to innovate and enable the co-creation of value with all stakeholders

Design Thinkers España Ecosistema


Jorge Rodriguez, DTG CEO España y Latam

Jorge Rodriguez

Daniel Zentgraf, DTG CFO Design Thinkers España

Daniel Zentgraf

Partner CFO Spain

Daniela Marzavan, DTG Partner España

Daniela Marzavan

Partner Spain

César Trujillo, DTG Partner Colombia

César Trujillo

Partner Colombia

Catalina Melo Chaves, DTG Partner España

Catalina Melo
Partner Spain

Cecilia Rivera, DTG Estrategia Social

Cecilia Rivera
Social Strategy

Marcela Xirinachs, DTG Trainee España

Marcela Xirinachs
Innovation Trainee

Carla Montané, DTG España Consultora Cualitativa

Carla Montané


We are very proud to show you some examples of the brands we are privileged to work with

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