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© 2016 Design Thinkers Group - Spain · AlgoBueno Studio S.L.

info@designthinkers.es |  Travessera de Gràcia 294 - 08025 Barcelona Spain

Monday November 18th

17:00-Welcome and Introduction to the progrm with Jorge Rodriguez DesignThinkers Group & Enric Bayo - ACCIO


18:00 - 21:15  Building Mindsets - Carles Mur - Mind the Gap - "Living on a Customer Journey".Empathy, enthusiasm and passion to drive through new ways of managing in business and marketing.


Tuesday November 19th

17:00-21:15 - How to create Exponential Organisations with Matthias Schneider - innovation strategist, consultant, connector. I believe in the urgent necessity to imagine and create better futures, am fascinated by the possibilities of exponential technologies and passionate about delivering on ambitious ideas through creative leadership and facilitation.


Wednesday November  20th

17:00-19:00 - Intrapreneurship, Challenges and Opportunities. Managing disruptive innovation in a large company with Clara Bartra - Former Chief Innovation Offcier at Gallina Blanca, Passionate about the future and change makers who create it, have participated in several programs related to exponential technologies to foresee the impact on food, business and overall humanity

19:15-21:15 - Competitive disruption and new digital business models: tech entrepreneurship with Marc Sansó - My current research and publication activities are focused on the definition of competitive patterns within the digital arena


Thursday November 21st 

17:00 - 19:00 - Business Digital Transformation with Jordi Gríful CEO at Quantion. In 2007 Recognized as one of the 50 most influentially executives in Spain in the category of Business Large Companies on the “Manager of 2007 Year” awards, promoted by Directivos Plus.Peter Drucker Society’s member.

19:15-21:15 - People and Mindsets with Albert Riba - Co-founder at Sapiens Mindset S.L. Columnist on Innovation for Diario Expansion, Author.


Friday November 22nd

17:00-19:00 - Business Mindsets with  Alfons Cornella - Founder and President of Infonomia, an innovation services company that has a network of 25,000 “eager” professionals from all over the world, the largest innovator’s network in Spanish.

19:15 - Conclusions and Team Results

Business Mindsets 2019 - ENG

299,00 € Regular Price
254,15 €Sale Price
  • One or two hour sessions will run on a daily basis for one week. Talks, keynotes, workshops and live webinars will bring together local and international experts, advisors and consultants who will explain the main current forces in the business world as well as the most innovative ideas and models being executed in the market right now.

    WhenMonday to Friday. from 17:00 to 21:15 

    WhereElisava School of Design and Engineering - Pompeu Fabra University

    Rambla 30-32, Barcelona

    Public Transport Metro L3 - Drassanes  Bus 59 & V13


  • Most of the times we tend to look for secure way to do things, especially in Business, but after some years of pushing marketing and competition, we realize that more and more, the success of many companies is not only based on the product or service they offer, but in the way in which they execute their processes, maintain their relationships with their users and involve themselves in the transformation of the society that surrounds them.


    Business Mindsets will help you explore multiple innovative mindsets and understand which one is best for you or your business. Our expert facilitators have provided their perspective and experience in their presentations to help you innovate and succeed.


     Business Mindsets is a 20-hour One Week program held in Barcelona every year. Through the contents of in-site and online sessions you will get the knowledge and concepts to better enjoy the growth of your business and have wonderful conversation during our workshops and activities if when you join us in Barcelona.


    Do join us for discussing all these new ideas, presenting your experiences and networking with interesting like-minded people. Happy preparation and hopefully meet you very soon