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Coolhunting & Cultural Research for R+D in Companies

Our Coolhunting Services for Companies

  1. In-Company Workshops on research, innovation and trends

  2. Cultural Immersion and Research

  3. Trends Forecasting

  4. Conceptualization

  5. Product Development  by consumers

  6. Communication & Marketing Action Design

  7. Online & Offline events according to the  Immersion Report & Trends Forecasting  Analysis.

Cultural Research &  Immersions cover cultural groups & communities, interacting with current or potential markets, A useful tool to understand communities,  find new trends trhough first-hand impressions, opinions, habits, understandings, prejudices and ways people interpret  products and services .

This activities help understand  the role symbols, products and services play in the life of communities.

Cultural Research is one of the best tools for innovation processes , applied to  technology and services and providing relevant information  for new product acceptance. Helps  achieving a high and rapid adaptation in the current market i a sustainable way for companies and communities.

Complete Trends & Diagnosis Reports are provided with all our services, second stages as Conceptualization, Product Development and Community Interaction are based on Research Reports.

For More information about our Coolhunting & Cultural research services contact us


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