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DT Group at the Saudi Healthcare Innovation Conference 2014

On December 8th and 9th the King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh with the support of the Saudi Ministry of Health organized the new edition of the Saudi Healthcare Innovation Conference . Introducing international participants and partners as DesignThinkers Group. Our role was to help design the training sessions offered in 3 main tracks: leadership, Interdisciplinary teams and clinical for the different levels of the medical and administration staff attending the conference.

A very interesting and fast innovation process is happening in Saudi healthcare that involves the promotion of a new model for the health system in the kingdom, where research, inventions, patents and private investment should reinforce the coverage of services for Saudi people.

The event also included the National Healthcare Innovation Competition featuring strong developments in technology, organ 3d printing, medical instrumentation and patient experience.

Here some images from the workshops and keynote speakers


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