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Retrovisor eco-electronica joins our Talent Bank

The New Hot Band in Latinamerica joins our Talent Bank

A fantastic mixture between electronica, folk, native and pop will make us dance, think, sing and wander. highly recommended for your ipod. retroVISOR is a musical project that blends rock, electronic rhythms, Latin beats and elements from Colombian music. One of the main interests is the support of Visuals that create an atmosphere, so the music is not only heard but also seen as in live cinema.

Formed in Bogotá during 2004, retroVISOR is integrated by musicians and artists who have been working the fields of academic music, jazz, world music and Visual Arts.

Social and environmental consciousness, a reflection on the role of technology in our lives and the contrast between the old and the new are among the themes that inspire their work.

Their first work, Amazonas S.O.S., has was released in April 2007 as an independent self produced work. The single that names the Album Amazonas S.O.S reached the top 5 on independent radio stations, Gaitan has also been featured in Top Ten charts.

Rolling Stone Magazine, voted Amazonas S.O.S as one of the ten Colombian records of the year. retroVISOR received a nomination for the Shock Awards 2007 as Best New Alternative Artist. Booking and Toura are available from Algo Bueno Cultural Management


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