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Video and Photography for Open Text Event in Barcelona

Last week a very big event gathering more than 300 sales executives from around the planet took place at in Barcelona. Open Text´s the Art of Good Business is the annual get together for the sales force of this Canadian Multinational that sells software and digital solutions, content management protocols and consulting to goverments, other multinationals and international organizations.

3 days of lectures, coffee breaks, conferences, live music, stand up comedy, parties and team building activities were registered, organized and edited by the audiovisual team of Algo Bueno. Guests from Germany, UK, France, Canada, Italy, Netherlands and the USA enjoyed the many attractions of the and had a lot of fun while competing for the best performance in selling millions of dollars in services globally.

The event was organized in Barcelona by Lifestyle Experience Group in coordination with Opium Mar, Ab Skipper Hotel, Arts Hotel, Llotja de Mar and Algo Bueno among other companies.



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