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Working for Momentum McCann in Stockholm

It was a great experience to work for the SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) Seminar on Gender Based Violence held in Stockholm last September 12th. The event gathered more than 15 speakers from around the world including the Swedish Minister for International Development, African Ministers and lecturers as well as American and Latinamerican country representatives where this topic is a very strong cultural issue.

Momentum Stockholm organized the whole programme and took care of every detail. The event was held at SIDA headquarters a very modern complex in uptown Stockholm. SIDA´s interest in collaborating with developing  and European countries where gender equity is still not a reality (most of them) raises many questions about our perception of what daily violence really is and its consequences and many ideas for understanding tribes and groups of our society.

We developed a visual diary of participants, lectures, workshops and the organization of the event.

Cool things in very Cool Stockholm.


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