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Communication Skills and Microevents for Entrepreneurs and Young Fashion Designers

Young professionals, entrepreneurs & small companies

Since last year we have been collaborating with local economic development programs and organizations to create tools and solutions for small companies and entrepreneurs. Young professionals seem to be on the focus of attention of a government that tries to develop a competitive and strong economy but still does not have strong foundations to understand and create an efficient system for entrepreneurs and new companies.

Current programs encourage young professionals and unemployed people to create new companies but abandon them on the second year when commercial survival is one of the heaviest burdens these adventurers have to carry on their backs.

Trying to contribute to the success of  young generations, we have developed a series of seminars workshops and exercises targeted to young designers by request of the European Design Institute in Barcelona .

These tools got focused on

  1. Personal Branding (recognition of self strong skills and development of them)

  2. Public Speaking ( speech techniques to improve language usage and psychological barriers for communication)

  3. Micromarketing (learning how to market themselves on very closed circles, communities or elites)

  4. Microevents ( designing and producing short, small and effective exhibitions and presentations of their products and services) including participation in trade fairs, private presentations, catwalks, etc.

The development of these contents is still to be seen, but the response from these young professionals has been amazing. Apart from breaking their stage fear and creating keywords, mindmaps and speech guides, they have used their creativity to develop visual, audiovisual and stage resources to make everything more appealing and enjoyable when the time to promote their creations arrive.

Both Entrepreneurs and Designers, from their own point of view share a point in common: the need to put their projects in the best level of perception possible to make it desirable and profitable. Seminars have been held at Barcelona Activa, the local economic development agency and at IED the Eurpean Institue of Design.


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