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Corporate Communications for Small Companies at Barcelona Activa

Barcelona Activa is the local economic development agency, where entrepreneurs find all the resources to start any business. During 200/07 members of Algo Bueno where trained for 6 months at Barcelona Activa to develop the strategies and business plan that would make our organization come to live.

We have designed two workshops: one called Corporate Communications for Small Businesses and another one called Corporate Communications in Digital Environments where we provide participants with the structure to develop a corporate communications plan that can be developed in real life and also in cyberspace. Algo Bueno has joined forces to provide a wide, creative and up-to-date view of Company Communications today, the way they have become handy for all companies and how internet has become a powerful tool for entrepreneurs.

Today we feel proud to be able to give back some of our experiences and knowledge to a new generation of entrepreneur who are shaping their business ideas and take the risk of starting their own business.

For Algo Bueno, Barcelona Activa has meant a lot of things. A facility where we found resources and support, a reference to new ideas about innovation and life projects and also a place where we found friends that encouraged us to keep on going and follow our dreams, that are currently coming true.



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