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Cultural itineraries for Nexia Smith & Williamson UK

Since Nexia Smith & Williamson contacted us asking for advice about activities for their executives in the city during their annual seminar, we were willing to propose an itinerary that would give a cultural touch to their corporate events in Barcelona.

We were really devoted into finding the most representative of the Spanish Culture in terms of performing arts, gastronomy, landmarks, crafts and fun activities that would cheer up event participants and give the local culture a chance to  to show off and get in contact with foreign visitors. We wanted them to be excited about new aspects of the Spanish culture so a mix of folklore, arts, sophistication and excitement would do it. In 3 afternoons participants to the seminar get in touch with the history, the authentic and the contemporary Spanish life in Barcelona.

Not easy to do but fun to see it. We kept in mind what corporate meeting and events are about, but it was also important to keep in mind the fact that are human being those who attend. This  was a beautiful experience.


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