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Dubbing in Europe

This year we have been coordinating dubbing projects for Starz Media, a Division of Sony Pictures. Most of these dubbing works go to television and DVD products to be featured to millions of people in different European countries who wish to enjoy the movies they like at the most.

So it feels like a great responsibility both with the audience and with the creators and producers of each movie to find the right studio, actors and translators that will adapt the story to each country and culture. All countries, all cultures and all languages being very different from each other and from the original context, the movies are produced make it a bit complex to come out with a very accurate adaptation. Nevertheless the great teams we have found, the great translators and actors have made it possible

We have been charmed with Everyone´s Hero, the last movie Christopher Reeve directed, with a talented cast that includes Woopi Goldberg, Robert Wagner and Forest Whitaker, Behind the Mask a thrilling story directed by Scott Glosserman and Dead Space the presecuel of the Space-Horror video game from EA for which we designed t-shirts, standee, and other promotional gadgets

Movies have been adapted and dubbed to Spanish, German, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, Russian, Portuguese and soon will be made to Czech, Romanian and Polish. Which made me think about the at least other 50 languages spoken massively in Europe that are not still being considered as Flemish, Catalan, Basque, Latvian, Greek, etc.

Lots of amazing work for each project has been keeping us busy all summer, working California time in Europe, learning a lot and meeting highly talented professionals. We have loved this project and will keep on doing our best job to stay tuned to new titles.


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