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Medical Media Production for the USA

Well we are now becoming specialists on Medical media production. For the last 3 year, individual interviews, expert panels and events have been produced for maple Leaf, WebMD and, this time a new company based in New York has required our services and we were happy to produce for them.

It all started the day we got trapped in Helsinki by the ash cloud from the volcano in Iceland. The first day we arrived we were contacted by Kate asking us for an estimate for a series of interviews to doctors attending a Hematology Congress in Barcelona in June and needed a production team with experience in developing the whole process (studio, equipment, crew, video , sound, set & decoration, catering, etc.

It took us about to week to enter exact details like lighting , camera movements, furniture on the set, timings, transportation, transfers, menu, etc to cover every single part of the production. It was going to be 1 hour interview and it had to be just perfect. So our team foun out crew, location and resources that will reproduce exactly the format projects in Knowledge normally does during their recordings around the world.

production day arrived and even though we had never worked together before, working with some time in advance and planning to the las detail was helpful. last mu¡inute changes always come up but if the rest of the production is under control they don’t really affect the schedule.

Doctors comfortably talked about hemathology for one our during a sunny Saturday morning 4 blocks away from the Barcelona beach. As soon as the taping was over we digitized a security copy and the same day Susan and Kate from New York, had their medical interviews ready to be postproduced at their headquarters.

A good lunch on a beachfront restaurant followed work.


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