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The #GlobalHumanResearch Project

Actualizado: 11 jun 2020

Update: June 11th

At the peak of the Covid-19 crisis, we embarked on the #globalhumanresearch project, with a strong desire to understand how the lives of different people from all over the world have changed in the new reality forced upon them.

Our core belief is that understanding the

This map weaved a rich fabric of insights, of behaviors, and of opportunity areas, but most of all, of “brain food”.

The research does not cover every topic in-depth and does not presume to predict the future. Its purpose is to help you prepare better for the new future and to discover new opportunities and new paths.

We hope that the insights before you, will ignite your curiosity and inspire you with new thoughts about the way we, as individuals, as organizations and as tribes, need to conduct our dialogue with customers, employees, and with our partners in life, to design a better, healthier future.

Here is a guide for them, find media examples for this topic following @trendstudies on Twitter.

The Need To Communicate  The “Apocalyptic Uncertainty” Families Larger Than Their Homes Renewing Old Connections

Lost Islands  Losing Human Contact Unstructured Days Fish Out of Their Ponds COVID-Dating 

Family Rediscovered  Family Ties, Education re(e)valued

Weaving life & work  Recalibrating the toolbox, Bigger gaps between colleagues, The unstructured framework chaos Personal vs. professional at home Digitizing analog professions

Home Sweet Home (?) Multifunctional home, Working space control, Doing it by myself

Generational Gap  Digital Mingle, A Bigger Gap, The need to reintegrate

Digital Interaction Simplicity  Chatsapp, Tech for Love

Overwhelming Virtual Services  Stay Busy, Stay Happy Virtual Tribe Club Virtual Saturation

Mental Overload  Zoom Intoxication, Monotonous Communication, Juggling Homeschooling, Detoxing on Social Media.

Social Essential Food Social and Traditional Food Comeback, Time to Explore Alternative and Customized Diets.

Rituals and Habits Regaining Control Over Life by Redesigning Schedules, Keeping Seniors’ Role in the Family Meaningful, Every Moment Counts, Endless Happy Hour.

Re-designing my social interactions New opportunities to get closer (and distant), Back to neighbor watching, Coworkers in my dining room.

Redefined public spaces Wellbeing in the city, Environmental.

Shared Trouble – New Initiatives Collective Well-Being, Must Get Along, A Chain Reaction of Doing Good, Social Sensitivity.

Evolution of Tribes Enhancing Fitness for Kids, The New Old Gamers, Digital Athletes, Low Profile Participants.

Re-routing Money Redirecting Investments and Slowing the Speed, New Expenses Control.

Smart Shopping Small and Local is the “New Black”, Community Economics, Support for the Proximity Produce, Because “I’m Worth It”, Perceptions of Luxury (Expanded and Re-evaluated).

No Safety Net Survival of the fittest, Lost and Reinventing, Uncovered and Unassisted.

Information Ambiguity & Mistrust Health Anxiety, Government (un)Reliability, Fast Press.

Health Services Medical autonomy, Healthcare disengagement, Seniors digitized, Mental needs on the rise, Creative medical staff.

Clean is the new white A Higher, Cleaner Standard, Re-learning how to clean, Clean ethics.

Socially Stressed Changing protocols in public spaces, My ways to relief, The demand for protection.

Body & Soul A holistic approach to body & mind, My Self-awareness signals.

A Better Version of Me Pursuing My Passions, Time to Grow, Time to Learn Again.

Global Human Research Free Webinars

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