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Trends Research for the Telco Market

Commissioned by the government to be presented in next year´s MWC in Barcelona we started in may a surprising journey into the industry of contemporary communication. Looking at the evolution of the telecommunications market led us to an amazing project full of talented people in many companies around the world, telling us about their journeys, struggle and resources to deliver everyday relevant products and services to millions of telco users.

110 executives from 15 countries were involved in the first part. With them we understood where the industry is lading and wich challenges may come in the future for technologies, contents and users.

To complement the process we also looked for the opinion of consumers in the USA and UK, very different types of consumers told us about their needs, expectations, complains and hundreds of anecdotes while calling, texting, watching, or enjoying music. Many made emphasis on their attachments and addictions, their prefered services and technical and brands. Our relationship to our phone is an incredible factor for urban and modern life.

Between experts, consumers and a lot of data collection from trend sources, statitstic, private and public reports and correspondents we got stunning insights about what will lead the market in the next 5 years. Stay tuned for more info and some insights in our website.


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